You do not have permission to view FileTransferSubsystem


Tried with below url which is precisely created for this course, (but i am not using this url because this one don’t have any pre-configured components like all things, shapes, and all required by this course… it is just black without having anything to play with)

Server URL: ptcu-thingworx74-connectivity.portal.ptc.ioUsername: tempusa143

Currently using below url for connectivity course as well because of the problem i mentioned above,…(no preconfigured components…etc…)

Server URL: ptcu-thingworx74-ui.portal.ptc.ioUsername: tempusa143

In both cases i am getting no permission error…i browsed other forum topic for this one and they suggested to use the url defined for connectivity course only but as i provided above none are working… this is critical for me to complete this course…



Thanks for reaching out. we will look into your issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Hello Carla,

It has been more than 3 weeks now i am waiting for this to resolve. It is very critical for me now to complete this course as soon as possible.

Please do needful as soon as possible.

Truly appreciated !



I am stuck at the same point too. Let me know if you were able to proceed from the same point and how.



Any Luck? I am facing the same problem.



I have the same issue.

Training server URL :

FYI I am at step M3.24 (Identify Data Sources - Transferring Files between the Client, ThingWorx, and Edge Micro Server) in the Connectivity course. I believe this is meant to be used to copy the files from the Agent to the Thingworx file repository, and possibly more in the following sections.


Hello guys,

The same problem with FileTransferSubsystem - “Not authorized for ServiceInvoke on IsRunning in FileTransferSubsystem”.

I use server.