Why need cloud?


Hello Everyone.

I am new to IoT and going through the training course. I have a very fundamental question regarding IoT. If the device/sensor is stable (in my case it would be factory facility with machines hardwired to my data center for historian data collection through SCADA) would it make sense to use cloud services to carry out the analytics? For a product like car which is mobile it make sense to upload the data to cloud and perform the analytics.
Would it be cost effective and more reliable to carry out machine learning and preventive maintenance or any other analytics application on local servers rather than on cloud and then publish the finding on cloud for other users to view.

I thank everyone for their time.


HI Shailendra346, great question.
When designing IoT systems it is all about balance. It is important to make sure the right information get’s to the right places but it is also important to make sure to manage where the processing power and data storage occurs. With the scale of devices, data and processes, it is easy to run out of resources. This is why designing the system to balance them is important. Because of this the answer to your question depends on how the system is built. If you are already doing a lot of processing on the edge, then you may want to handle your analytics in the cloud in order to diversify which resources are being used. If, however you have a lot of processing being done in the cloud or have a lot of data flow from a large scale of devices or data, you may want to reduce the load in the cloud. In your scenario it may make sense to manage the analytics locally then send the results to the cloud, assuming you have the resources to do so. But if your processing and data storage on the edge generates a heavy load just to manage it needs, then you may be able to leverage cloud resources to handle analytics. All of this depends on what type of processing you have available. If you don’t have the software to do analytics at the edge, then you may not have a choice. In the courses, we don’t assume that you have anything other than Thingworx, therefore we suggest everything be done in the cloud.