Unable to open or view FileTransferSubsystem


Hi all

I am struggling to open or view the file transfer subsystem on the ThingWorx academic version. This step is in milestone 3 of IoT Connectivity with ThingWorx. When I try to open the file transfer subsystem I get the following error on the application log:

[context: com.thingworx.webservices.context.HttpExecutionContext@7a23d4e9][message: Not authorized for ServiceInvoke on RequestEdit in FileTransferSubsystem]

I find it strange that I can see the subsystem but I cannot open or view it. I am logged in as myself. I am not too sure what to do, any help would be appreciated.

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Hello @Ezanne534,

Could you tell us which ThingWorx instance are you utilizing? What is the URL of the instance?


I’m having a similar issue, using ptcu-thingworx74-fundamentals.portal.ptc.io as my URL


I am facing the same issue. Has there been any resolution for the same yet?



I’m having the same issue with ptcu-thingworx74-connectivity.portal.ptc.io


I am experiencing the same problem too. Did anyone of you get resolution yet?


Hi all. I was not using the correct instance with the correct milestone so as soon as I changed instance i could access it. It seems that the different instances provided all have different permissions for you the user.
Hope that helps


could please explain what you did?


To elaborate, make sure that the ThingWorx instance ( the ThingWorx server) you are using, is the one that they tell you to use for that milestone. Each milestone has its own ThingWorx instance for example ptcu-thingworx74-fundamentals.portal.ptc.io/ is the instance relating to the milestone on ThingWorx fundamentals and ptcu-thingworx74-connectivity.portal.ptc.io/ is the instance relating to the ThingWorx connectivity milestone. Each of these instances (or servers) give the user different permissions therefore it is important to use the instance or server relating to the milestone you are on.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the response. But did you try to access FileTransferSubSystem?

I am using the correct instance and same as you mentioned in your resolution but some how not working.

Any help will be greatly appreciated !


After i changed to the correct instance i could access the FileTransferSubSystem. I would suggest asking your mentor.
Sorry that I couldnt be of more help