Unable to execute luaScriptResource


Hello All,

I’m unable to execute luaScriptResource with the error below

[ERROR] 2018-06-28 13:07:15,811 luaConfigurator::initialize: Error while loading file c:\EMS\microserver\etc\config.lua. msg: c:\EMS\microserver\etc\config.lua:55: ‘=’ expected near ‘-’

This is because my user name is suvajitmitra-twx and each time I’m creating any entity in composer is appending the same “suvajitmitra-twx”.

I have put the same format in CONFIG.LUA (scripts.example_suvajitmitra-twx)

This “-” is causing the error here and I guess the luaScriptResource is not able to recognize the full name of the thing abd considering “-” as a syntax error.

Is there any way out? Can I change my user name and I prefer to remove the “-”

Thanking you in anticipation.