Unable to access FiletransferSubsystem


Hi have limited access to open or view FiletransferSubsystem to trig service to copy and transfer files.
Step M3:24 in the course .

Using: https://pp-20170427182846446.portal.ptc.io/Thingworx/Composer/

Thanks: Magnus

M3:24 Transferring Files... Not Authorized

Hello @Magnus673,

It looks like you are utilizing the ThingWorx instance from a previous course. Each course gives you free access to a different ThingWorx instance. Please check in the Pre-Work section of the IoT Connectivity with ThingWorx course to see if you are using the correct ThingWorx instance.

Hope this helps!


Hmm sometime the easiest thing the hardest. :disappointed:
I have used the same url how is in the Modeling Course and just continued.