ThingWorx Academic Simulator "Unable to connect, check your port"


I’ve noticed this issue has been mentioned before, but I’ve checked all of the existing topics and have been unable to resolve the issue.

I have tried this from my work and personal laptops (Windows 10 1809 and 1909, respectively), from my work and home networks.

I get the same message on ports 80 and 443 with “Secured Server?” unchecked (“Unable to connect, check your port”). And that is the message I get if I enter any port number for that matter. If I do check “Secured Server?” I receive the message “Unable to connect to ThingWorx. Check your server url.” for 80 and 443.

If I change the application key when on port 80, I get “Authentication failed. Your application key is invalid.” This indicates to me that it’s able to reach the server, but something on the handshake must be off. Whether it’s something in Windows settings or something else, it is unclear.

I’m curious if anyone else is able to connect to the server? What else can I try to get it to connect? Which ports should be open in Windows firewall, etc?


yeah I have the same issue but after a few tries it connects.
Although I can’t see the thing i created on the platform in the academic simulator, that’s why i came to the forum :slight_smile:


Then you have gotten farther than I have :slight_smile:

I also noticed that port 8080 seems to behave the same way as port 80 for me, for what it’s worth (“Authentication failed. Your application key is invalid.” when I enter an invalid key, and “Unable to connect, check your port” when I enter the correct key).


how to fix this issue please ?


I have a work around for this , when i disconnect the internet (hotspot) and restart the connection it is working, this is strange, but this way it is working all time for me… dont know why…