The "select-popup" popup does not disappear when I selected any sequence


hi !
in M6:11 , I have setup the project along the video. but when I previewed my project,the “select-popup” popup was still there after I selected a secquence . It seems the js program go wrong. what may be the reason ? I had checked all the Studio ID and class definition but can not found why…


I had the same problem but found out the problem is the name of the view is not the same between the provided script and model. for example, my view is “Repair Sequence” and the current script is $[‘Repair_Sequence’].wdg[“bottom-nav-grid”].visible = true;

Hope this helps,


Thanks for your replay.
my problem has been solved.
first,I had checked all class definition and studio ID,no wrong found. then I changed the view’s name to another value and changed it back. at last I found everything went correct。
all I had done was change the view’s name and changed it back, I don’t know why…