Subscriptions for Weather Rover not working


In section M6:4, I created my Alert on the WeatherStationTemplate and then in the WeatherRoverTemplate setup a Subscription against NorthWeatherStation. However, when I then changed a value of the WindSpeed for NorthWeatherStation, my subscription did not seem to work. The Values for Destination and LastAlertLocation on my WeatherRover1 thing are still empty. I am at a loss on how to troubleshoot this. I repeated the same steps for adding subscriptions to the other 3 weather stations and got the same result. How can I debug this?


Hi @m791
If you do not have errors on your subscriptions then you have to make sure you reload the pages after you create alerts and subscription.

You also have to refresh the properties on your WeatherRover1 thing



I was able to resolve by fixing a typo. My code was Me.something and I needed to use a lowercase “me” so that it was me.something.

However, there was no syntax error identified for me, nor was I able to debug this to see which line of code was the problem. Is there a way to check syntax or debug?



HI Team
when i try to create subscription WeatherRoverTemplate, under Other Entity i didn’t entity like NorthWeatherStation. can you guys help me in this what was the issue or where i did mistake.