Subscriptions enabled but not working


I am working through the Fundamentals of IoT Development with ThingWorx course and have run into issues with subscriptions. I am into the Analyze portion of project 2 setting up the subscriptions for the HighWindSpeed Alert for the 4 weather stations from the weather rover template. When I try testing any of the subscriptions, they do not work; however, the alerts are working fine. I have deleted and reworked through the entire project 2 three times and I always get the same result. When I try to check the Application Log or any other log, I get errors or access denied, so I cannot see if the subscriptions are producing errors or not. I checked the Alert summary and log where I can see the alerts occurring as programmed. All subscriptions and alerts are enabled. Here is my server and log in info:

Server URL:

Username: jkuhr

I also truncated my names to the first letter of each word with the exception of template where I used Temp instead of just the letter T.