Simulation live tutorial - 100 pounds


Hi All!

I’m trying to walk trough the tutorial and I found a problem with force unit:

here is instruction:
“We want to be in units for pound force and according to our triad on the bottom, we should be in the minus Y direction. Let’s go ahead and pick 100 pounds.”

but I have no “pound” on my list:

Should I pick just “lbf” ad I feel it?

Please excuse my question, but I’m living in Poland and I’m not so familiar about imperial units…

Thanks in advance!



ok now I just found this!

At the top is recorded video for the lesson!

everything is clear now lbf was good choise :wink:


Another thing I just noticed: my result values are not the same as on presenter videos - do someone know why?

Is it depended to my graphics card type (Nvidia Quadro P2000 4GB)?

Do you have the same different results vs displayed on tutorial videos?

I just finish the walktrough the tutorial and I’m really wondering about my graphics card - if should I somehow calibrate it?

All my results was slightly higher than the reference in tutorial ;-(

Will be grateful for any ideas - thanks!