M6.6 Crew Rovers are not updating


I followed the steps 3x but my Destination Value for all of the 3 Crew Rovers are not updating. Has anyone else have this problem? If so, how do we fix this?


I am having the same problem. No idea how or why. I’ve repeated the steps at least 3x. CrewRover absolutely will not update it’s destination.


@Joanne204 @Benjamin344 Did you find a solution? Same problem here.


I don’t remember doing anything in particular, just doing a lot of closing/saving/refreshing/removing from recents tab and eventually it just started working.

But yes, it was pretty frustrating for a while because I knew it was all connected up properly.


Hmm thanks for the reply… Not what I was hoping for haha. Wil give it somemore tries but it takes up a lot of my time, while I am sure the coding is done correctly.


Hoping there was a solution. I have also done this about 3 times… No help.