M6.17 Entity Not Found : [PowerSystemServices_x]


I have a problem when I call the PowerSystemServices from postman. I am getting an error “Entity Not Found” (for any user). However, I am able to call: “Thingworx/ThingShapes/PowerProducerTS_skartakis/Services/GetImplementingThingsWithData”.
and I am able to see PowerSystemServices in the thing list.
Could you help me with that?


Hello @Sokratis806,

Could you please copy/paste here the URL you are using for the Postman request?




Hello @Sokratis806,

Is the error message you wrote to us about appearing on the ThingWorx platform or in Postman?


It was in Postman. Even if it is from postman, the rest call cannot find the PowerSystemService in Thinkworx platform.


This could be due to visibility on the PowerSystemServices_username Thing.

Are you able to make the call with the Admin app key?

There may be an error in a section of the course that deals with security. I haven’t gone back to confirm, but security is inherited bottom up, not top down. So giving access to a higher node in the org does not mean the children inherit that access. Giving access to a leaf node means the parent gets that.