M4:19 Power System Application: Development - Creating the Mashup Page for Consumer Assets: Flickering/Flashing Mashup?


I am having trouble viewing and using the mashup created in this section. I believe I followed everything in the video, but I notice that when I load the mashup, a gray/white loading bar flickers/flashes in the center of each bound widget. I can still use the widget, but there seems to be a delay or I have to click the widget multiple times for it to respond. It might be a binding issue, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Is anyone else having this issue? I’ll update if I can figure it out, because this does not look user friendly currently.

I have also gotten this on the other widgets from this course.



Service had refernced itself and cause an infinite loop. Once I removed the path that caused the loop, it seemed to work again. Always be sure to check the connections page for services linked to services. Here is an excellent video from Liveworx '18 about mashup pitfalls, very helpful for tackling oversights like this: ThingWorx Mashup Pitfalls: What to Avoid and What Not to Do