M2.5: IP address of device isn't responding


The IP noted in the file is, and I’m not able to communicate with it either through kepware or ping or browser, has this changed?


Resolved, need to type in as “” to account for default unit ID number of 1



Even with that solution it doesn’t work for me …

Is there another way to solve that ?

(the tags quality is bad in the quick client also)

This is the warning I have in the configuration window:

Date Time Level Source Event
25/02/2019 15:55:00 Warning Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet Modbus Ethernet.Device2 | Device is not responding. | ID = ‘<>.1’.


Server at seems to be down…

I tried to ping it (https://ping.eu/ping/) but no answer:

— PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. —

— ping statistics —

packets transmitted 9
received 0
packet loss 100 %
time 8144 ms


Same issue here, not sure if it’s wrong network settings or the server is down.


Well, it worked for me for a day but now again is back to not working.


Finally it worked when connecting through my phone connection.

So I think that the problem is mainly due to entreprise firewall or the computer configuration.

The port 502 has to be opened.


Server connectivity is down for me. I am seeing this in the Configuration app log:

Date Time Level Source Event
1/29/2020 10:21:01 AM Warning Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet Modbus Ethernet.Device1 | Device is not responding. | ID = ‘<>.1’.

Running: “telnet 502” connects, so the server appears to be available and listening on port 502.