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Hi, I am trying to learn more about the IoT so that I can pass it on to students that are interested in STEM. Are your resources OER? and if so, do you recommend this content for VERY beginner students 12th grade or first year community college. Any recommendations would be AMAZING. Thanks so much


Hello @Suzy421,

We’re really happy that you’re interested in introducing your students to IoT!

The courses featured on IoTU.com are not considered OER, since they are provided by a profit company (PTC). However, feel free to share these resources with your students!

For beginner students I would recommend the following 3 courses: Unpacking the Internet of Things, New Business Markets in the IoT and A Simple Framework for Designing IoT Products. If they are feeling confident with more technical concepts, I would go ahead and point them towards Fundamentals of IoT Development with ThingWorx.

Hope this helps!
The IoTU Support Team


Hi Admin,

Something is wrong in the Course Material page as I can’ download the following white paper.
How Smart, Connected Products are Transforming Competition (Harvard Business Review)

The phone number field in the online form has problem. I entered country code and my contact but its not activated.