Issues with Remote Services Import


I had some typos in my datashape configuration for the GetCurrentStatus service that starts in Milestone 5.16 that ended up propagating into Thingworx when I imported the definition from the microserver. I corrected the typos in my lua script and manually corrected the datashape in Thingworx, but the service continued to fail to execute because it still thought the datashape field was not present. As best I could tell the “bad” datashape definition was cached within the service that was bound to the Solar Collector Thing Shape and was not refreshing itself. I tried deleting both the service and the datashape and recreating everything but I still got the error, I had to reimport the remote service with a different Thingworx Service name, at which point I was able to successfully execute the service. Is there some other mechanism available to flush this cache or update a remote service if something like the inputs/outputs change, as I imagine its not uncommon for typos like this to propagate, or datashapes to be expanded on over the course of development.