In M6.20 , Code Rollup doesn't work


Hey ,

When i test service rollup with the snippet code RollupDS , this sefvices doesn’t work.
The system indicates :
"Wrapped java.lang.Exception: Unable To Convert From java.lang.String to NUMBER Cause: Unable To Convert From java.lang.String to NUMBER "

But i didn’t change the code except &&& by my username.


I found error , I take Exercices Workbook , and i remake evething in milestone 6 exercice. We are an error on a name of propertie/services in ThingShape.


I have exactly the same issue.
Do you remember the name of the property to change?


Facing the same issue.
Which property or service need to be change?
What kind of error is this?


I found my error reviewing All the document. My error was in the step
106. Select “PowerConsumerTS”
after that, I recreate the next steps and everything works properly.


what do you mean by step 106? @Luis664


Getting the following error upon executing Rollup:

Error executing service Rollup. Message :: TypeError: Cannot call method “GetPowerConsumers” of null - See Script Error Log for more details.