How to Disable the Composer login prompt in Thinngworx


I have created an application but whenever i use the url of the mashup in a web browser. i am prompted to login to thingworx composer. This makes it hard from business point of view as i dont want to share the composer credentials. Is there a way to disable the login prompt.



Hi Kishore, Alternatively you can create an Organization in Thingworx and provide this as its home mashup. You can then define users under this organization who have their own credentials. The users will see a login page, rather than the login prompt, where specifying their own correct credentials they will be navigated to the mashup.

Please ensure you provide the necessary permissions to the user/user groups for accessing the mashup.


Hi UnniKrishnan,
Thanks for the quick response.

We have a customized login page in our application built on thingworx.
Using an organisation doesn’t grant me the option to edit or customize the login screen.

1.Is there a way to customize the organisation login page?
2.If not is there anything that I can do to remove composer login prompt from appearing when users access my application url.
3.In case I use the application key (not recommended method). I can only add one user and not a group and he will have all access over the composer. Which i don’t want.

Please provide your suggestions on the above.



Hi Kishore,

Please find my reply below:

  1. I believe for an Organization there can be only one login page. However we can set the Home mashup screen for each User. Simply create a user for the ‘business user’ and define the landing page (SPDashboardAdmin) as the home mashup.

  2. Once you login through the Organization login, you will not be again prompted for login.

  3. Not sure what you meant by this point. Application key is usually not used for UI login. It is mainly used for REST API communication and device connectivity. On your second point, you should ensure the user or his usergroup doesn’t have an design permissions on any of the Things/Templates/Mashups. He may be still able to access the composer, but would be able to view/edit the Things/Templates/Mashups created by your design user.

Hope this makes sense to you.


Hi UnniKrishnan,

I used the organization’s Login page but it is not customizable to my requirements. Is there any other possible way that i can go through without Composer Login.
i tried creating a appkey for a user and used the app key with the url:
(thingworx server):(server)/Thingworx/Runtime/Index.html?appkey=&x-thingworx-session=true#mashup=(mashup name)
This worked fine when i used it in local instance.
When i tried to access the application hosted in the server using the same method i couldn’t go through without signin.