EMS -issue while adding username with . operator -config.lua - Bug


Hi ,

Am getting an error when adding username which has dot operator is “kishore.kotti” in config.lua .


It is not accepting the “.kotti” but it works fine when I remove it .however this will not bind with thing at Thingworx platform since the thing I create there by default appends the username - Kishore.kotti



Appreciate if anyone can help me on this as am stuck here and not able to progress further.

Kishore K V


Hi Kishore,

Were you able to resolve this issue.

I am facing the same issue, as my usernae is “bm.deshmukh” and hence the reference in config.lua is given as.


Thanks in advance.


Nope Bhushan .

Kishore K V


Also having the same problem. Is there somewhere we can edit our username to remove the “.”? I can’t seem to find anything.

I also tried creating a new user, but that user still has my full username appended at the end so it still has a “.”