Crew Rover Mashup Error


After creating the mashup I went to the view mashup to test it. On the crew rover tab everything works as expected for CrewRover1, but when I change to CrewRover2 or 3 it just displays whatever CrewRover1 displays and the buttons dont interact with them. I have gone over the videos several times, but I think I am missing something. Any idea what I did wrong?


Hello @Nathaniel328,

Did you remember to drag the ‘clicked’ field to the ‘Set Properties’ area? I would suggest going over the instructions from M8:5 to M8:6 again to identify what’s missing.

Hope this helps!


I have been trying to resolve this exact same issue for a couple of hours today. I have watched the lessons several times, deleted and recreated the list, deleted and recreated the data sources. I have given up.



I have exactly the same issue.
I added a text field binded to name to see if it change when selecting another rover from the list. It stay always at Crew Rover 1.
I also give up … But, if someone could help to resolve this, I will be happy.