Can't Start the EMS from the command prompt window


Can anyone advice on this?

[INFO ] 2018-06-26 11:30:13,201 wsems: Using config file: C:\EMS\microserver\etc\config.json
[FORCE] 2018-06-26 11:30:13,201 wsems: Starting up …
[ERROR] 2018-06-26 11:30:13,201 wsems: Unable to find any configuration file in C:\EMS\microserver\etc

and this is what I have in my config,json file

“ws_servers”: [{
“host”: “”,
“port”: 443
“appKey”: “58dd1d4e-0923-4905-b591-359a5f1cf507”,
“certificates”: {
“validate”: false,
“cert_chain”: [“certificate.cer”]



Hello Wadi.
I also faced the same issue. I used notepad to edit the config.json.minimal file. When I did that I thought it has changed the file name to “config.json” on its own. But that was not correct. If you go to Dos prompt and do a dir command in the microserver\etc folder, you will notice that the file name is still … “config.json.minimal”.

I renamed in manually using “ren config.json.minimal config.json”

next when I ran wsems it found the configuration file… viola!