Bottom Panel Missing - 2D overlay in Fundamentals of AR Development with Vuforia Studio


The course is fantastic, however I have inadvertently removed a Panel and I can not figure out how to get it back.

I can’t adjust the zoom (375 x 667 is not editable text, different than shown in the video). I tried adding Panels but can not find where I control position on the 2D overlay. I even tried using a footer, but could not get the sizing of each column to match the video evenly spaced 25% of screen width per 4 columns.

How do I successfully re-create a Bottom Panel with the correct properties?



Hi Ketih,

Thanks for using the forum. You cannot get the bottom panel itself, but you can “replicate” a top panel. To do so, go to your 2D view, select your Top Panel under 2D Overlay and, using your tools in the top center of the screen, you are going to copy the Top Panel. Then, make sure “2D Overlay” is selected in the left side of the screen and paste the Top Panel. It will appear under 2D Body > Right Panel.

I hope this works!