Animation not present after pressing 'PLAY'



The animation is not present after pressing the ‘PLAY’ button. Could you be more specific in indicating a possible error? (the lecturer instructs us to go back and check all the things we already made)

Thank you very much


The most common factor could be your bindings. Make sure you double check the bindings using the bindings section on the bottom part of the screen. This section can be displayed and hidden using the options on the top right side of the screen.
I hope this helps!



  1. The problem persists also for the second robot project (the rest of the project works fine)
    Is the repair sequence of the second robot project (with IoT component) somehow related to the repair sequence of the first robot project? (it seems to me that they are independent).
  2. Could you give me the complete bindings list for the first robot project and for the second robot project?

Thank you very much.


Misery loves company. I also have the same issue and would like the detail on the bindings. Is that in a format that can be sent? It would take a lot of time going back through the videos.