Adding Template is Slow


Hello all. I am having troubles completing M5:7. When I go to add a base template, every single entity created by every student shows up. It takes a significant amount of time to load, and only randomly sometimes will my own creations show up.

An example of what can happen:
Say I want to inherit from WeatherStationTemplate. I create a template for that. Then I go to create a new Thing, and when I go to add the Base Thing Template, I type in “weather”. At first, some things show up (including my own WeatherRoverTemplate that I created and used earlier). Then, the search list freezes and disappears. Sometimes it shows back up after a few minutes with something like 100 search items, all named stuff like
“Weather Rover_template_mpatil”
from the other users in this course.

It makes the system almost completely unusable.

Also, sometimes when typing in my search, it will randomly delete halfway through. You can type “weatherstation” but it will delete and you will end up with just “ion”.

Refreshing every time I want to do something seems to improve things.

Any ideas how to fix?


I am having the same issues with the whole exercise. Is this because its a training environment?