Academic Edge Connector


Hello together,

i’m trying to complete the thingworx 7.2 Fundamentals at PTC University
i can’t connect to the my local Thingworx instance via Academic Edge Connector
(pressing Run Configuration)

My Inputs:
Server Url: http://localhost
Application Key: *** (valid key from TWX)
Remote Thing: WheaterRover1
Port Number: 8081
Auto-Create Thing: disabled
Cummunication Type: REST

My Errors:
[CONFIG]: -> Error malformed URL, check “Server URL” and “Thing Name” Fields. Try adding http:// or https:// to the start of Server URL
[CONFIG]: -> Safe to Edit Connection Information

What i tryed:

  • copy the Thing make sure there are no whitespaces in it
  • start application as Administrator
  • tryed Linux version with java -jar “…” (orignally i’m on Win10)
  • turned Anti Virus off

Hope there is somebody out who know’s the trick

Greetings Toni